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Friday, 2 July 2010

Not forgotten you all

Hi everyone, so sorry I seem to have vanished off the face of the earth, I just can't find the time these days to do all I have to do..
I WILL be back soon though I have a few new QP's that I did for Anna over at (
Delicious Scraps) that I just have to upload and post so please bear with me..
The reason for my absence is because of my mum's illness, she is Very ill now and we have been told there is nothing more that they can do for her, we are heartbroken, it's so hard seeing what she has been reduced too...Cancer is a terrible illness and I pray everyday that some cure will be found that will take the pain and suffering away...I am there nearly everyday and am shattered when I get back..the only relaxation I can get is my Facebook, it's something I can just get lost in and don't have to think about, thank heavens for Farmville! :-)

so I hope you can understand why I haven't been very active and had no inspiration to create...but I will be back

So please bear with me and keep us in your prayers..
Take care of yourself and each other...
Luv to all..Linda xxx

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Freebie & Challenge

Hi everyone, hope you all had a Great weekend, I have had such a stressful one, I can't tell you about it just yet as it's in the hands of the police, I am so stressed I could cry buckets :-D
but enough of that I am running a challenge over at OWD again, a
Template Swap, I give you the template below

you alter it somehow so I can actually see the difference, add it to the gallery, upload it to a fileshare of your choice, and PM me the link, at the end of the month I will send out all the links to all who participate, easy I would love for some of you to join, come on what have you to loose! lol..

Here is the last of the 3 QP's with Anna's lovely Kit, Apple Licous..


Before I share the link I have some layouts to share with you, here are some I did for Lisa Minor using her lovely new kit Sprout..on sale now for just $1.00!!



a lovely bright kit, beautiful colours and with papers to die for, just look at the textures on these above!

Next I have some I have done for RachaelH using her Fabulous Fall Flavour kit


I will be adding a QP to my blog soon that I made from these layouts so watch out for it  Family

Well as this is a long post I best sign off my escape from things is over for today back to it now :(
Hope you are having a better time of things :-)

Bye for now, Take care and a little Hi would make my day :-)

OOps here is the QP Link sorry :-)

Luv..Linda x


Monday, 5 October 2009

QP and Template Swap

Hi Everyone, I am sorry I forgot to add a link to another QP over the weekend, so here it is, before I add the link though here is News of a New Challenge  I am Hosting over at OWD..

Linda's Swap a Template

Here is my Template that you start off with, you take it, change it so it's noticeable and then PM me the link once you upload to a fileshare of your choice, then I will share all the templates that have been submitted at the end of the month..

I would love to see some of you come on over and join in, at the end all who take part will end up with all the templates submitted, and a gal can never have too many Templates! lol..

Here is the Page I am sharing today

Click the preview to get it, oh and don't forget to say a little "Thank You"...:-)


Bye for now, Take Care, I will be back soon with another one...

Luv..Linda x

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Cool Award & A Freebie

Hi everyone, got me this Cool Award from my mate June over at Cen's Loft (Thanks June)

I would like to pass it onto these lovely ladies..

Anna - Delicious Scraps




Ambowife Designs 

I have done a couple of layouts with Anna's Gorgeous  new kit AppleLicious




I also made each of them into QP's to share with you over the next few days..starting with the top one, and the link is in the layout :-)


Bye for now, Take care

Luv..Linda x


Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Back to School


Why not join the Fun over at OWD this month, we have Challenges Galore, going on over there with some Fabulous PB's for joining in.. there is a Font Challenge, Template Challenge, QP Challenge, Desktop Challenge, Word Art & Scraplift Challenge, (think I have them all ...lol..)
oh yeah I am running a Template Challenge,
where I give you some png's and you create template/'s and PM me the link once you upload to a file share site of your choice and I will send ALL the Templates out to participants at the end of the month...so come on "Come and Join us"

Bye for now

Luv..Linda x

Monday, 14 September 2009

Well Here I am...with a Freebie

So sorry I have been AWOL, time just ran away with me, we had the kids off school so I was looking after them a lot more, and between that and mum and dad I just didn't have the time or energy to do much online..
For my Birthday on the 18th Aug. my hubby booked for us to go to Euro Disney so we took our two youngest Granddaughters Ellie 4 and Ebony 6, and we had a Blast! they we so Good bless em..it was a real treat to have them along..
I have loads of pictures but the switch on my EHD won't turn on!! I am so worked up about it because I have ALL my Pictures on there from years ago too, some are on DVD's but I have been scanning a lot of old photo's and all my new pics since last year or before that I never put onto disc are on there, plus 240 Gig of Scraps and whatever I have made up to a month ago are on there, so you can imagine I am feeling pretty sick about it just now..and could cry..:(

I have been doing a little scrapping though to relax myself..lol
I did a couple of layouts for Anna over at
Delicious Scraps using a few of her Gorgeous kits

Here is one using Autumn Delight


here are 2 using BugALicious



one with MangoLicious


and another using the Beautiful Summer Shine Kit


I also used Rachael's new kit Traditions


and here is the one I am giving away as a QP, hope you like it


I will be back before long with another freebie and some news of a Challenge I am running over at OWD..
Don't forget to say Hi and a little Thank you would make my day :-)
Bye for now

Take Care - Luv..Linda x

Monday, 10 August 2009

Feeling Blue? Freebie..for U..

lol....silly me, I just noticed my heading rhymes..(these small things amuse me!)

ahem, well here is a little freebie I have made using Anna's new freebie kit, Blue Licous.. it's a gorgeous Gift so drop by and say Hi to Anna and get it, and don't forget to say a big Thank you, she shares so much with everyone and works really hard putting so much into her work..

Here is the preview of my QP..


the link is at the end of this post..hehehe one way to get you all to read it..;-)

I just did a couple of Layouts using Rachael's lovely kit Vintage Dolls Revisited that can be bought at her store just now at 35% Off! and if you buy the collection you get the add on free!
Rachael is re-doing some of her kits and adding a new take on the older kit's, they are worth checking out The Heirlooms Revisited kit is also another great kit to look at...

FacesOfYou Graduation-Night

Last but not least I am hosting the Inspiration Challenge over at Osten Wilkins Forum, click on the link and do join us, August Inspiration with Linda ~ I have made 2 Photo Masks to share with you plus a colour swatch and some Quotes, here is the preview of the masks, ljd_Masksanyone taking part in the challenge can download them, there are other Challenges over there too and some Beautiful PB's, so come on and join in, it's a lovely friendly forum with some wonderful people a relaxed and friendly place to be...so I hope too see you there..
well that's it from me now, only to leave you the link for the Freebie, and if you have lasted thus far THANK YOU !

bye for now, have a Great Week

Take Care

Luv..Linda x

Header Created by Me using my New Xmas Collab KIt, My Blinkie Using Items by Angela Niehaus.