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Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Happy Tuesday..

Hi all. I am back from our weekend away at the caravan, it was a nice weeeknd, better weather than we have had so far although Very windy!
it's quite windy here too since we got back and turned cold again, perfect computer weather ;-)
Here are some layouts I did using the Denim Fantasy kit by Adelina over at DigitalArts-cafe
the first was taken in Benidorm in Jan. 2006 as we walked along the beach , there were young men, looked to be students who were creating these Beautiful Sculptures out of sand, using just a trowel and builders float...a little water and a lot of sand! stunning aren't they?

This is of my mum, I did it for a challenge at DAC for Mothers day, I used the words to Wind Beneath My Wings by Bette Middler for the journaling

the last one from this kit was taken in France last November, we were just driving around and happened to drop on this Beautiful litttle Village, I couldn't tell you where or the name sadly :(
there are many such places in France, it's a Beautiful Country!

the next 3 layouts were done using the awesome Tomboy kit by Melothria of DigitalArts-cafe
this first one is our oldest granddaughter Jasmine at her Ballet class with 2 friends, aren't they cute!

This next one is of our youngest grandson Josh, he was so sweet as a little todddler, (still is! lol ) he's always smiling and great fun to be around :)

This last one is again of Josh (striped shirt) and his friend Ryan, they were setting off for the school disco! aren't they just 2 handsome little devil's!

Thursday, 22 May 2008


Oh dear I got tagged 3 times!! by Boo and by Kim & Tracy thanks girls!! lol
Here's what I need to do then....
1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog .

Right here are 7 facts about me, I'm not too interesting though!

1. I am the Oldest of 13 Children, I have 7 brothers and 5 sisters
2. I love Pickled Onions and Hot Chocolate together! (wierd I know, this stemmed from when I was Pregnant lol...)
3. I lost my first born, a son at 29weeks after being in contact with someone with German Measles..
4. Would love to drive but not got the nerve now..
5. Just started going to the Gym for the first time in my life!! and I am a 50 ahem +...
6. I like to knit but only complicated patterns and while watching tv..
7. I packed in smoking (after a 40+ a day habbit) 10 years ago and would still love to have one at times!

here are the ladies I have tagged...fingers crossed they are Ok with it!

Lou Clark
Brenda Mascari
Sweet Adeline Designs - Debi
I did have 7 but Kim's last post is a Tagger one so thought I had better not...lol..
please drop by and leave them some love and learn some much more Interesting stuff over there :)
Have you dropped into June's blog yet today? you will find todays part of the Collab kit by Jessica, and another QP too...so hop on over there and say Hi :)

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

It's my day Today!!

well it is to share my part of the CT Collab kit,
we girls had this lovely colour swatch from June, and have put together a lovely Mega kit for you to download from Monday to Friday this week a portion from each of our blogs..if you drop by June's blog you will get the links from Melanie's part of the kit, that was shared on Monday and for yesterdays part from Kim :)
So go on over to
Cen's Loft to get the links, plus June has some QP's for you too, then each day for the next links
June also has a QP swap going on this week, using the parts of the CT Collab kits.
so I won't prattle on any longer I know you are waiting for the links so here they are - just for you :) while you are there you can also
have a chuckle at the antics of little Lilly (June's granddaughter that she is looking after this week) by reading "Lilly's Diaries" ... I love each days installment... she is so cute! and poor June is slightly frazzled!! lol..ah the joys of being a grandparent...heheheh
Oh and remember Please leave some love and for each of the girls the comments are so appreciated and make it all worth while..well here are my links, enjoy and Please if you do create anything at all I would love to see them and to show them off on my blog :)
LindaJD - Collab. - Elements
LindaJD - Collab. - Papers

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Me again...

Here is a layout I have done using another of June's beautiful kit's , Monet's Garden, you will find it in her shop at SDK & now also at Studio Style ..it's such a pretty, soft, feminine kit and is a joy to use :)
Drop in on
June's blog to get news of a lovely May Surprise for you from June, Kim, Mel, Jessica & myself....

Monday, 19 May 2008

Busy, busy...

Hmmm where do I start! I have been so busy and have sadly neglected my blog :(
I have been creating layouts for my 3 CT's...did I tell you I am now on
Brenda Mascari 's CT! she is a new Designer over at Stone Accent Studio
here are a couple of layouts I did using her latest
Ava's Room Kit

it's a lovely kit which is in shades of pink and chocolate with polka dots and doodly flowers and bugs, it's just right for scrapping that little love bug of your own!
This was done using her East Meets West Kit that can be used to bring the flavour of the Far East to your layouts with a feast of elements and spicy textured papers...
I am working on a QP to share with you from the kit so watch this space..

Thursday, 1 May 2008

2 More Free QP's

Here are 2 QP's to share with you that I made using the wonderful Rock Garden Kit by Brenda Mascari as part of the SAS March Colour Challenge..Brenda also CT's for K-Joi Studios ..pop over to her Blog and say Hi :)
We are going away tonight for a few days to our Caravan, it's Bank Holiday here on Monday so we have a long weekend, here's where the roads start to clog up :S
So I hope you all have a Lovely weekend whatever you are doing, and look around the scrap sites as this weekend there are all sorts of challenges and give away's as it's National Scrapbook Day (May 3)
Have fun and don't forget to say Hi and a little thank you if you like my freebie enough to download it :)
also if you scroll down to the heading 2 Quick Pages to share. you will find another 2 pages of this set :)

Here are the links :

Header Created by Me using my New Xmas Collab KIt, My Blinkie Using Items by Angela Niehaus.