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Saturday, 29 November 2008

A QP For You

Hi it's a pretty miserable day here, foggy and freezing cold, I have hardly been able to see across the road since yesterday, I do wish it would lift I hate the stuff :(

I am still feeling pretty rough so I will just add the QP and run..
Here is the page I am offering today...also made with June's Ellie & Jo Kit

If you like it you will find it HERE..

Have a Good Weekend..
Bye for now

Hugs - Linda x

Friday, 28 November 2008

Another Ellie & Jo QP

Just a short post before I go drop into bed, for the last 2 days I have felt pretty rotten, I think I have caught whatever our kids have had and if they felt as bad as I have done these last 2 days no wonder they were feeling miserable..poor things, one of my daughters had to take the little one to the "Out of Hours Surgery" in the town centre 2 nights ago at 11-45pm as the on call doctor WON'T come out here now, so you have to get the kids wrapped up and drag them into town, risk the town centre nightlife or in most case lowlife, which here is very busy as we have a Lot of Pub's and Bar's in town...then to wait to see someone that told them to take her home, give her Calpol (the be all and end all of children's medicine with the doctors for kids these days) and to take her to our own Doctor if no change within 48hrs! that's easier said than done as my mum had to phone for an appointment for herself and has to wait 9 days for it!! grr I best not go on my BP is going up!! lol..
Before I go have you been over to June's Blog and got her lovely QP Freebies to co-ordinate with the collab kit? and there you will get the links to the other parts of the Collab kit from the rest of the CT..

Here is another QP freebie from me, ljd_elliejo_QP3-copy(did you get the other in my last post?? ) the link to this one is further down...
I have 2 more to share so pop back soon, oh and please, if you do download it leave a little note for me, it will cheer me up no end. :)

and before I forget, the Ellie and Jo kit goes in to the shop at Scrappin Digi Kreations and it's 40% off as usual for the first week...so hurry over you won't regret it :)
Here is the Link

Bye for now

Hugs - Linda x

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Thank You!!

to All that have been so good in leaving me a lovely comment on my part of the Collab..it is lovely to have you drop in, also it has given me a chance for me to go over to your blogs (that have them) and be able to get to know some more blogger's out there..
It's wonderful how much it perks you up and makes you Want to give more, so I am packaging some more of the kit for you and will upload as soon as I have put it together...

Pop over to June's blog and get her lovely contribution today to the kit and nip over to Tracy's blog and get her part, you won't be disappointed..

in the meantime here is another little something for you that I made with June's  new kit, Ellie & Jo Winter Fun...it's so Cute!! and will be in her stores very soon, here is the preview of the kit..

and here is the preview of one of 4 Quick Page's I have created to share with you


the other 3 QP's I will be adding over the week, so please keep popping back to get them :)

Here is the link for you..
Bye For Now
Hugs - Linda x

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Christmas Morning..My Part of Collab

Hi there we on Cen's Stuff CT have got together again and created a Collab.Kit for you, we will be sharing it all this week, check the blogs for the link of the day...also June will have the link on her blog and she usually throws in a goodie for you too :)

This is my part, hope you like it, most of the stuff I made from scratch, any thanks to others I have added in the TOU...
depending on if I get enough comments to warrant it I will be adding an add~on or two, so you know what to do...lol

That's it from me for now apart from say enjoy and come back soon

Oh yes and here's the link...
Bye for now

Hugs - Linda

Sunday, 23 November 2008

My New Layout!!

My heartfelt Thanks go to Lone for her unfailing patience with me in getting this blog up and running, her help has been invaluable..:)
I made the Layout with the kit I will be offering tomorrow or Tuesday as my Part of Cen's Loft CT C ollab Kit, if you would like it keep popping back, let me know what you think of my new look! I am so chuffed with it :)
Bye for now
Hugs - Linda

Thursday, 20 November 2008

3rd Background Freebie

Oh my poor aching eyes and head! 
I have been asked to scan and fix some old pictures for my mum and dad, I spent over 6 hrs yesterday on one! that is all creased and marked, so I had to try to clone them out...and have been at it again today for a couple of hours.

Oh how I wish there was an easy way to do it! but it will be worth it though because it's the only picture of my dad when he was a child that we know about, it was found by his nephew when he was sorting his dad's shed out after he died...there is a bag of old pics, mainly of dad's family, so I got roped in to try to rescue them. whatever they were in the shed for we don't know, it could be when they had their house renovated and things got put in and never made it back into the house, we haven't a clue. it's a terrible shame as there is a pic of my Great Grandmother at a family wedding in there too! I was in my element going through them, I just love ol photo's..
well before I get back to them I have some more Backgrounds to add for you..here is the preview, they were more made with Megadoodle Inspired pattern'sljd_Backgrounds3

the link to get them is Here

Please leave a little thank you, on here if you can because 4shared is somewhat awkward now I know...I would love to hear from you if anyone does use any of my stuff :)
Bye for now
hugs - Linda x

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Backgrounds 2

Just a quick post from me I have a lot of scanning of old photo's to do tonight so I can return them tomorrow,so I have to get a wriggle on...lol
Here is the 2nd lot of papers using Mega Doodle's new pattern's

Here is the link for the papers, hope you like them..
I will be posting the 3rd lot soon so don't forget to pop back :)

Bye for now

Hugs - Linda x

Monday, 17 November 2008

Free Background Papers

Hi all, this is the first chance I have had since I got back to actually post!
Our break to France went well and we had a good time, that is until we got back to the Ferry terminal ,our Ferry had been Impounded! we were stranded and had to drive to try to get back home over the sea..
We drove first to the Channel Tunnel, which was so Expensive! 220+ Euro's! for a short half hour's journey! there was no way we would pay that! so we then had to drive to Calais and try to get a Ferry there, we were lucky we got one (Sea France) pretty quick that was 119 Euro's because we had no reservation :( the original price we paid was 30 Euro's on Sea Ferries so it was a big expense that we could have done without! now we have to try to get the money back off the cancelled ferry...I think we are jinxed! (hence my nickname Jinxy, given to my by my best friend) something ALWAYS goes wrong for us! lol...ah well it all add's to the memories..:)
Here is the first pack of papers that I have created using the Wonderful New Pattern's from Mega Doodle Inspired, you can't go wrong with these, they include the Layered PSP files, Png. Files & 9 Overlays you can get them at ScrappinFreestyle, DSW, and Commercial-Use.Com. the deal is that you can get them for $5.00 each or get them both for $8.00!


these I made using the Argyle Pattens, the possibilities are Endless!


You can download the first of 3 pack, from the link below, I will be giving more away over the next couple of days so do check back :)

Link ..>>>> Paper Pack 1 <<<<....

oh and a little Hi and Thank you if you like them would make my day, and if ever you make use of them please send to me and I will show your work off on here..
Bye for now

Hugs - Linda x

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Missing Links...so sorry!

Oh my Gosh! I am so Embarrassed! I just got back tonight from France and I had a message about my links that were missing for the last 2 QP's for the Holiday Traditions Album, so before I even get my unpacking done, here are the links..

so sorry *blushing* I was in such a rush to get them up before I left I totally blew it :(

I will be back with my escapades as soon as I recover!!

Bye for now, it's soooo good to be home again...

Hugs - Linda xx

Page 7

Page 8

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Flowers Freebies

Hi all, I sure hope this works! if this does appear on my blog on Saturday I will be so pleased when I get back lol..

As I promised in the last post I have some Flowers to share with you that I made using the lovely new Vine Flower Action by SMVineFlowersPreview_LrgAngie of ScrappinMommyDesigns , Angie made the action from a photo of a potato vine flower, it's Beautiful, You can get it HERE from her store...
here is the preview of my freebie, I have only shown 3, but there are 8 different colours in the zip ljd_VineFlowers

you can download them from HERE

Well I will love you and leave you, and catch up with you at the weekend when I get back...I do hope I am having a Good Time over there! lol....
Hugs - Linda x

Friday, 7 November 2008

Last 2 Holiday Traditions QP's

Good Morning :) this is just a fleeting post from me, I have the last 2 QP's for you,
this one is again from Darhena's portion of the kit...

And the final one is a combination of bits from all the designers kit's..
Hope you like them :)
Well I am off now, I will see you all in a week, I have set the publishing date to add a post tomorrow, if it works is another matter, but check back anyway's as I have another little freebie from a lovely new Action from Angie over at ScrappinMommyDesigns


Hugs - Linda x

Thursday, 6 November 2008

2 More QP's For You

Hi, I have been having a right old time trying to post to my blog tonight! I hope this finally works! what a looooooong day! sat in a hospital waiting room all Morning is no joke, well we were sat there over 2 and a half hours then we were only in with the doctor for 5mins!! mum is fine although very sore due to him prodding and poking,poor thing didn't have the procedure today, she has to wait again until they send for her, he said it could be before Christmas or maybe not, he just can't say. :S

Ellie enjoyed being with her "Father" today, although she did say she missed me, bless her :) then this afternoon she was dashing around as per usual and she slid down the stairs oh her rear as she does! and yep she slipped a little too fast and banged her head in the wall then toppled down the last few stairs, as you can guess we had the tears! she soon got over it, I think it was the fright she got more than anything, she took some calming down, Tinkerbell helped too her get over it too, thank heaven for DVD's..lol

There wasn't much noise here last night from the fireworks, it's the quietest it's been for years, I was relieved, other years it's been like bedlam so it was a nice change. well enough of me prattling on...
here is what you came for, another two pages from the
Holiday Traditions Kit, todays page's are by Melo


Mel of Mel's World..and the download links are below..
Page 5
Page 6
if you like them please take the time to say a little Thank You, and I Thank the ones that DO!

I will add the last two tomorrow..I will have to add the link earlier tomorrow, I have to leave here just after 8 in the morning to take Ellie to school so I hope I don't forget! lol.

I am just off to pack ready to go to France tomorrow, if I don't get a move on my hubby will be going without me....heheheh
Bye for now
Hugs - Linda x

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Freebie Number's 3 & 4

Hi again, here is the 3rd page in the Album for you, ljd_holidaytraditions04it's one I made using Lynn Griffin's portion of the DAC. Holiday Traditions Collab Kit, I just love the rich red paper and that tree is Great isn't it?
I will give you another Freebie today too, it will be the 4th page of the Album, this one was made using Mamrotka's portion ljd_holidaytraditions05 I kept this simple but I loved that tag and glittery doodle so I had to get them in somewhere...lol.
I am busy trying to fit everything in this week, tomorrow I am going to the Hospital for 9-30 with my mum, she is having minor surgery but she will only be in for a few hours, or the day, depending how she is, as we pick Ellie up from Nursery on Thursday's I have had to juggle things to get it covered, but it's ok because my hubby will do that and keep her amused..hehehe he will be OK though, I have got Tinkerbell and Sleeping Beauty out ready for her to watch on DVD, that will keep her quiet for a few hours..:)
Then on Friday I will be taking our Ellie to Nursery, then we are setting off and going to France, we sail from Dover to Dunkirk, but first we have to suffer the nightmare that is the M6! that truly is a "Road To Hell" or a Hellish Road! it's a task I dread but we have to go that way :(

I will be back tomorrow maybe with 2 more to share, Thanks to the people that have said "Thank You" it really means a lot :)

You can get the Pages from the links below...
Number 3 - Here
Number 4 - Here

Links Corrected now, sorry, thanks Debbie :)
Bye for now and if like me you are in the UK, and being as it's Bonfire Night, do Be Careful out there! there are already fireworks going off around here and it's just 15.45! and not even dark :S
So have a Fun time but Be Safe and remember the "Firework Code"

Hugs - Linda x

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

2nd QP.Freebie

Here is the 2nd QP I have from my Holiday Traditions Album..ljd_HolidayTraditions02this one was made using Darhena's portion of the kit, as Thanksgiving is coming up for a lot of you this would make an Ideal page for your Family Layouts..
hope you like it..
you can download it from HERE

Monday, 3 November 2008

Freebie week

Hi there, anyone want a rotten cold??  :(  ....I just knew I would pick this up off our Ellie this week, it's been a while since I had one so I suppose I am due, my eyes are streaming, my throat is sore, my chest hurts with coughing, apart from that I am fine..:S

it's been a busy week here with the kids being off school, but I have made some Freebies for you that I will be adding all week, I got to use the Great new Collab Kit from DAC called Holiday Traditions..

here is the preview of the kit,

it's jam packed with goodies!Preview_HolidayTraditions2

and sumptuous papers! the Great news is if you spend just $10 in the store during November you get the kit free!
I have been fighting with 4shared to get them up there all Sunday! grr, it's drove me nut's this weekend, I am sure you are all in the same boat too...don't worry if you don't get the pages straight away they will be here for a while yet so there is no rush..

Here is the 1st page, I have done one of each of the designers portion of the kit, they are in alpha order as I got them, the first one is from A-liya's part of the kit, isn't that teddy a Cutie with his hat and scarf!

you can download the page - HERE
don't forget a little thank you and a Hello will mean so much :)
Bye for now, and don't forget to check back tomorrow for another page :)

Hugs  - Linda x

Header Created by Me using my New Xmas Collab KIt, My Blinkie Using Items by Angela Niehaus.