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Tuesday, 1 July 2008

2 Bracket Album pages to share with you and more CT news

Hi again, aren't I good! 2 posts in 2 days! lol...I must have too much time on my hands ;-)
I have had a good day today...firstly the news on my dad is good, he went into Hospital at the weekend and had his OP yesterday, all went well and so far so good, my sister is staying with my mum so and I didn't need to go there today so I have done what I want to do today.
First off I went swimming with our oldest daughter Samantha and granddaughter Ellie who is 3, she loves the water and we had a great time, them we called at the supermarket for a few bits and pieces...she dropped me at home and I then went straight to the gym :) I will probably suffer for it later on though..lol.
Since I got back I slapped a bit of furniture polish around the place, straightened the cushions, put my washing out and played on my PC since! ahhh Bliss..so you gained too as I made some BB pages with the SDK June Treasure Hunt Freebie and am going to share them with you..
Here is the link to the pages, I would love for you to say Hi and a Thank you would be Great, I love reading your messages and it make it all worthwhile :)
Here is the layout I did with one page, it's my lovely grandson Josh, who will be going to High School in September, oh where does the time go!

this is a Preview of both of the pages, sorry it's a bit small :(

Drop into June's blog for her 2nd part of the Wonderful CT Collab kit..then head on over to Jessica's blog and collect her part of this great CT Collab kit...

.and don't forget to thank the Girls for all their hard work and say Hi :)

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