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Monday, 29 December 2008

Who wants a little freebie?

Hi everyone, hope you are all well and had a Great Christmas :)
we had a lovely time, we went to our youngest daughters house for Christmas dinner and All the Family went to our oldest daughters for Boxing Day dinner..
It was great spending time with ALL the family together, I could scream though my camera battery died and my other camera took terrible pics :( I had to delete most of them..grrr..  It's a Fuji FinePix S7000 and for the life of me I can't get the settings right...DSCF0923 that's one of our Ellie, can you see the wand she is holding how blurred it is?  most of them had spots on them like that a lot of the pic was clear and then the blurry bit's...:'(
I am just hoping the girls got some good ones of the kids and will bring their memory cards for me to get them off..

I have been testing a great new product from Megadoodle, it's called a Stuffing Style, it's Great! megadoodle_stuffingyou can use it for so many things, it has a textured fur look to it..it's on Sale just now at these and other stores..

Scrappin Freestyle



I adore it..so much that I made a few freebies to share with you all.....
here is the preview..ljd_furryelements

Here is the link to Download them, please say a little Thank you if you do like them enough to download..:)
Well I hope you all have a Wonderful New Year...All The Very Best from me and Mine to You and Yours, keep safe and may 2009 bring you Health, Peace, Love and Happiness 
Bye for now..
Hugs - Linda x

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

A Glittery Xmas Gift for U

Hi everyone, just a Quick post today, it's been non stop here now for days and today it's been like an open house here! 
I have just managed to get my beef and turkey in the oven and am going to cook tea, have a shower get my new pj's on (a Christmas eve ritual..lol ) then switch my computer off and spend a few hours with my dear hubby tonight, but I wanted wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and All The Very Best for 2009..before I do..:)
I hope that You Have a Wonderful time over the Holidays with your Family and Friends and please remember to spare a thought for the ones less fortunate than ourselves..
I have created what may be my last freebie of the year for you, it's a small kit I have made for the Colour Challenge over at DAC  I hope you like it..

A Big Thank you to you all that have taken the time through the year to leave me a comment, they are so appreciated, I love you for it :)
well that's enough prattling from me for now...

Here is the link

Bye for now..keep safe
Big Hugs - Linda xx

Monday, 22 December 2008

Sneak Peek and a Freebie

Hi everyone, hope you're all set for the Christmas Holiday?
I have been busy wrapping pressie's up today and didn't realize just how much I had actually got! just after lunch I got a call from my mum asking me to go shopping to Asda with her, it was chaos! the car park was packed so dad dropped us off and went home and I gave him a call when to pick us back up again...the shop was a nightmare, why do people get so bad at holiday time, you would think the shops were not opening up again for weeks! let alone closing for a day or so...
Hopefully I have all my shopping in now, well apart from my veggies so first thing Tuesday I am going to get them and that's my lot! whatever I haven't got now we will do without...lol..
We did bag a bargain though today! I got a text from a friend to say that the

Dora Doll House that our 2 daughters were going to get for the kids were on special in a store on the retail park so off we dashed, it was £97.89 knocked down to £29.99!!! so we couldn't leave it there at that price! isn't that Great! it just shows how much we are being ripped off if a store can afford to knock it down so much! I have been trying to add a link for a slide show to show off layouts but I just can't for the life of me figure it out, I think I will have to study some more..:(
I received an email from a lady showing me what she had done with some of my BB pages and they look Great!
isn't that baby just the cutest!! just look at those Gorgeous big dark eyes!
Thank You so much
Mara for showing me what you have used them for :)mC3AAs Seq3 meses
I have been testing another new Style for
Bannerwoman, it's Great! she sure can turn them out! she has named it Glitter Foam Style and here is a Sneak Peek, just look at all of the colours and different styles in these!! they should be in her stores early January....
I got to make you a little freebie with them and they can be found at the link below, here is the preview, hope you can use them..

please leave a little love if you download them :)
Here is the link..
Have a Great Week and try to stay calm!! lol...
Hugs - Linda x

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Glitter Backgrounds

Hi everyone, just a quickie post, here are a couple of Glittery Backgrounds I have made to go with the Elements I have done using Bannerwoman's Glitter Styles in the post's below..

Here is the link if anyone would like them

Have a Great Day
Hugs - Linda x

Monday, 15 December 2008

More Freebies and an Award :)

Hi again, I received another 2 Award's , one from a lovely lady called Andrea
I would love to present this award to my 5 of my treasured Scrapping friends:but most of them have it already so I will just say a Big Thank You to all that have given me these awards and I dedicate them back to you :) and to You my Readers that drop in and leave me a little love too, I so appreciate You ALL...((Hugs))

This 2nd one

is from a dear lady called Michelle we have become friends lately,we got to know one another, through a mutual love of scrapping, I admire her for the way she is a Mother first and foremost looking after her little ones and her stamina and dedication to her work...

Here are the rules:
1. Put the logo on your blog
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you
3. Nominate 5 other blogs for this award
4. Add links to those blogs
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs
6. Give a reason why you consider their blogs cool

Here are the Blogs that I am nominating
June ~ Cen's Loft - Friend and Mentor who gave me my first CT Position, I have learnt so much from June and I really Value our Friendship, Thank You June :)
Brenda of Millstream Cottage - another Good Friend and Mentor that is so easy to CT for and so Generous with us too, a Friend indeed :) Thank You Brenda :)
Melothria - another Dear friend that I respect so much, she put's 110% into all she does, she works so hard over at DAC giving so much of herself :) Thank You Melo :)
Cindy next is Cindy or Cinderelly, we have become good friends lately and have so much in common, she never fails to say "Thank You" everytime she drops by and downloads anything :)
Mozz last but not least is Mozz, we only got aquainted lately and I am looking forward to getting to know her more, she has some wonderful freebies and has loads of talent as have ALL of my Friends above have too..
I Thank you ALL from my heart for allowing me into your life :) I am Proud to know you, and pass this Award onto you all..
Hugs - Linda xx

Well now onto the freebie..it's one I made Testing the Chipboard Styles by Bannerwoman..this time it's some elements that you could add to any of your layout's..the Styles are Great and so Versatile...


you will find them in the stores below

ljd_BW_PT1 and Here is the link for the Elements
I have more of the Glitters and the Chipboard Styles to upload so check back again for them soon..
and please leave me a little love if you do like them enough to download :)

Bye for now
Take Care
Hugs - Linda x

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Glittery Freebies..

We all love Glitter yeah? well I have been product testing Bannerwoman's new Glitter styles and they are Awesome! they come is such a variety of colours, there will be one to suit every occasion :)

here is a preview of the set's


Set 1


and Set 2, aren't they Gorgeous!
you will find them in the stores below
Here is a little freebie I have made to share with you Using them, hope you can find a use for them

(Designer Preview is a Freebie from Delicious Scraps)

That's it for now, but come back soon as I have more glittery stuff's for you :)

oh and please a little Thank you will go a long way :)

Here is the link for you

oops I did the Here comes Santa Claus with an "e" on the end :( so I uploaded another version (Here is the link) without the "e" I googled it as some have it spelt with the "e" on the end and here is what it say's

Santa Claus, also known as Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, or simply "Santa"

Santa Clause is a Christmas film released by both Walt Disney

now you know...lol so it's up to you which one that you decide to use..
Bye for now
Hugs - Linda x

Friday, 12 December 2008

A little Freebie for you

Hi, me again, its been a little hectic here the last week or so trying to cram everything in that I haven't done for Christmas..like shopping, cleaning getting some new blinds for all around the house (they look Great!) putting my tree up and so on and so on...lol..
so while I have been neglecting my blog I put together a little freebie add on that I made to go with Christmas Morning, my part of the Collab Kit with June's CT girls..ljd_ChristmasMorning_AddOn
I am working on some QP's to go with the kit so pop back and pick them up soon.I downloaded a Great Template freebie from Bannerwoman's site today and created this layout of my hubby and I taken around this time last year when we were in Florida..it was Wonderful seeing all the Christmas decorations and feeling the atmosphere, I wish I was there just now :(ljd_AllAroundTemplate...isn't the Template cool? why don't you pop over and get it for yourself, and don't forget to leave Banner some love if you do :)
Well that best be my lot for today..but before I go here is the link for the Freebie
Bye for now..Take Care

Hugs - Linda

Saturday, 6 December 2008

DAC - Last QP Freebie

Here is my last QP made for the DAC Blog Party, I have enjoyed this week, going around all the blogs, meeting new people and getting lot's of Wonderful Goodies along the way, so Thanks again to Everyone involved, it's been Great and I hope we do it again sometime :)ljd_DAC_BP_QP1
it's a Beautiful day here today, looks more like spring, I am sure glad that the fog and Ice have gone! I have the weekend to myself for a change so I am going to play with some scripts that I have bought and who knows they may be another freebie of two for you while I am at it :)
HERE is the link to the QP, and please leave me a little love if you download it :)
Have a Great Weekend whatever you are doing
Bye For now
Hugs - Linda

Friday, 5 December 2008

DAC Blog Party QP2

Here is another of my QP's that I made for the DAC Blog Party week from my portion of the kit, you will find the link below..


We had a good day today, us girls, well my daughters and I, we were putting up the Christmas tree at our oldest daughter Samantha's house, Julie, our youngest is a dab hand at putting tree's up, she dresses them Beautifully! and Samantha gets her to do it every year :)
When the little one came home from Nursery she was made up, her little face was a picture, and I had done all our Granddaughters a letter from Santa so when she wasn't looking we dropped it onto the mat in the hall and pretended the Post Man had delivered it, she is 4 in April and was amazed when I read it out to her, to think that Santa had wrote to her..lol..
it's the little things like that which make Christmas Special for me...she is in her Nursery Nativity play the week after next so is going around singing of Snowmen and snowdrops just now, I can't wait to see it although I best take my tissues..:( lol..I am a big old softie.
Well it's time I wasn't here so I will love you and leave you with the link for the QP..enjoy and leave a little love if you like it enough to download...please :) oh and come back soon for the last one...
Here is the link
Bye for now
Hugs - Linda x

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Blog Party QP1

I haven't a clue what I have done but somehow I deleted my post from yesterday :(
I can't remember what I wrote so I will just add the QP once again..so sorry, I am a right numpty at times..lol..

Bye for now
Hugs - Linda x

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Another DAC Blog Party Freebie

Hi again, whoowhoo, another Award! this time from June over at Cen's loft:)

I am passing this onto these lovely ladies in the hope that they don't already have it...lol..

last night I was testing a Mega Bow action for Megadoodle and got a bit carried away..lol..so here is the result to share with you, I made a couple of each bow in the different papers from my Blog Party kit so I am going to share them with you, hope someone can use them..

It's a bitter cold day here and very slippery underfoot, the frost is thin on the ground but it's not thawing at all, it's dusk now and the sky looks ominous, we have been told to expect snow overnight...one of our Son-in-Laws was supposed to be working in Manchester today, which is about 15 miles away from here and they have over 4inches of snow,he was unable to work as he is a builder and had to come back home, a journey of usually 15 - 20 mins took him over 3 hours! because there was a bad accident on the "Road from Hell" better known as the M6!! so bad in fact that everyone had to do a U turn on the Motorway and get off the way they got on there... I just hope nobody as seriously injured..I haven't seen any news yet..
Well that's all for me for today, I have another couple of gifts for you so pop back again soon

Here is the link - sorry it's fixed now :(

Take Care
Hugs - Linda

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Last Ellie Jo..QP Freebie + an Award

I have to say a BIG THANK YOU to ALL you lovely people that downloaded my kit and left me a lovely comment too! I know I am not up in the league of some of the Wonderful Designers out there but it's  the making and sharing with you that keeps me going, and although I am happy if someone does like my stuff enough to download it, when they actually take time out to leave me some love it makes it so worthwhile...
how is the Blog Hopping going? lol.. isn't it hard!! there are so many Great Blog Train's going on just now we are spoilt!!
my poor old computer is giving me some gyp at all the downloads!! hehehe
Here is the last of the 4 QP's  I have made for you with June's lovely Ellie & Jo kit..

I also got an Award TFFAWARD_TKfrom the lovely Lone , and was so pleased too I may say, although passing it onto someone  who doesn't already have it will be hard..but I will be back to add the links to Blogs I am passing it onto very soon :)

well that's it from me for now, come back soon I am uploading some more little freebies to pass onto you :)
Here is the link to the QP..Enjoy
Bye for now

Hugs - Linda

Monday, 1 December 2008

Want to Party?

The DAC Blog Party starts today, it will run from the 1st to the 7th December...a group of us have got together to create a Massive Kit to share with you, there are about 60 taking part I think, if not more..so I hope you have plenty hard drive space :)

So without further waffle from me here is my portion for you to grab..but before you do please take the time to leave a little love for me...and for ALL the girls that have worked so hard on this for you..you will find the links to the rest of the Blog Party right after this :)

I have loads more to add depending on any feedback that I get...so come on Make My Day as Clint would say...lol.
My Gift to you is Here...enjoy..
Hugs - Linda x

tjmuse - http://acorn-designs.blogspot.com/ & http://acorndesigns2.blogspot.com/
(be sure to check out both sites)
UR Here....http://lindajd.blogspot.com/ http://purelypixels.blogspot.com/

they may be mor since I added this list so look Here at the DAC. Forum or Here @ The DA C Blog for the updated list of blogs participating.

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