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Monday, 20 October 2008

What A Difference A Day Makes! + Freebie

as it says in the song, we have been away for the weekend and decided to stay over until today, it's amazing how just one extra day can make so much difference! I have been like a mad woman since we got back playing catch up..it's been a cold, wet and windy weekend, yesterday we went up onto Ilkley Moor Or Ilkla Mooar baht 'at or translated on Ilkley Moor without a hat...lol..they are words of a popular folk song from Yorkshire, England. It is sung in the Yorkshire dialect, and is considered the unofficial anthem of the county...oh and Ee by gum it was cold! I was wishing I did have a Hat with me! here is a little pic I took, I have more but they are still on my camera


I always take my laptop and try to do a couple of Layouts, I got the new kit from Brenda before we left on Friday so was so happy to play around with it, I had taken some Pictures last year on Remembrance Sunday in Eypres, Belgium and was looking for something to use to do some layouts with them and this fitted the bill perfectly..


As you can see it's packed with All sorts of Goodies! you can get it from Brenda's Store Here.....Brenda also has a Freebie Sampler on her Blog so hop over there and Pick it up too..
here are the layout's I have done Using it..
I am so pleased how they turned out, I was so moved during the service and felt so Proud to be there to remember the Brave Men and Women that served....



I have made the top 2 layouts into QP's to share with you so without further ado here are the links for you to download if you would like them..
Please say Hello and a Thank you would be lovely..
Bye for now, Hugs - Linda

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