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Saturday, 20 June 2009

Back again...and so Sad

Hi all, it's been a very fraught couple of weeks, and tonight we lost my dear M.I.L to Alzheimers..:(  although they have been saying the last couple of weeks that she is near the end it's still a terrible thing to hear..she was a lovely Gentle Lady..and I have missed her over the last couple of years that she has been suffering with this awful thing, she was not only my mother in law she was a Good Friend...
On the subject of my mum the news is better than we expected (Thank God!) her tumour has shrunk, and could shrink further, they can't operate to remove it yet because of her being on Warfrin for the clots on her lungs, until she has been on it 6 months they say it can be dangerous, but she is now happier in herself..

I had made these QP's for Fathers Day pages for tomorrow so I am posting them early as we will have our kids over tomorrow and I won't get much chance for a few days
I made them with Ann's (
Delicious Scraps) Kit Thank You Dad..

Thank You Dad Mini Kit - Click Image to Close

Here is the preview of the first QP..click on image to download..


and the 2nd one, click on the Image to download


Thanks for reading this far if you are still with me, I wish you a Lovely Weekend with your families, they are so precious and we never know how long we will have them around..
Bye for now

Luv..Linda x

Monday, 1 June 2009

Update and a Freebie QP

Sorry it's been so long, it's getting so hard to get down to all I have to do just now, my poor blog has to come in way down the list, ahh what I wouldn't give for some Normality!
Mum had to go to for tests last week, MRI and CT, I went with her both times, I don't know who gets more worked up her or me! today she had an appointment with the Oncology Nurse,  just a check up really, we did think she would get the test results but not so, on Thursday she goes again to see the Surgeon, he will then probably tell her how it's going, if the tumour has shrunk or spread, God forbid it has!
anyhoo enough of that, the weather here has been glorious, not that I have seen much of it, but we did manage to get to the Caravan for the weekend so I took my trusty laptop and here is a little something I made for you using
Rachael's new Kit, A New Day


here are some layouts I did too with the kit..
PlayIsTheWorkOfChildhood. AWalkInTheCountry


hope you like the QP, please leave a little love it will cheer me no end!
oops I forgot to say click on the preview of the QP to download..:-)
Bye for now and take care
Luv..Linda x

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