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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Button Jar Freebie

Whoowhoo! I am on a roll! another freebie from me, this time some Button's using this Buttons_Preview[1]

Great new Action Freebie from Angie over at ScrappinMommyDesigns
I just can't stop making them! there are 20 in this zip and as many again in another I am going to upload soon..

I would like to thank Kathy May of Carolina Girl Scrap Creations for her Great CU Freebie Storage Jar, Thanks Kathy :)
When I was making them I was thinking of my mum's old Button Jar and remembered I had downloaded the jar a while ago, it's perfect to show the buttons off!
Here is the preview, what do you think?

Well I best get onto my next project while I am on a roll..
Bye for now ~ Hugs - Linda x

You can download the Button's from Here and I would love a little comment if you like it :)

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

More Freebies

I have been testing another Great Action for Angie over at ScrappinMommyDesigns it's her CU, S4h S4o OK..Poinsetta Action..


you can get the Action HERE


here is what I did with it..hope you like it...

My plans to spend time with the kids have gone astray! well I have been spending time with them just not doing what I was going to do...two of the poor little ones, Ebony and Ellie have both got rotten cough's and colds, so my time has been spent mollycoddling them..rather than baking and so on, I hate to see them poorly! they are both into Little Einstein's and I had managed to buy them 2 DVD's supposedly for Christmas but I got them out to cheer them up, so that's kept them amused a little...
It's turned Very cold here today in fact it tried to snow at tea time, I hate the snow! well not the snow but the ice and slippy stuff that comes with it, I am terrified of falling!
Well I am off to see what I can make, I feel like doing something! I have the bug..lol..

Here is the link to my Freebie, hope you like them :) and don't forget to say hi :)
Bye for now - Hugs - Linda x

Monday, 27 October 2008

CC Freebie

Here is a little freebie I put together for the Colour Challenge over at DAC..
ljd_kit2 in it I used the lovely new Ribbon and Bow Action I have just been testing for ScrappinMommyDesigns it's Wonderful!! and worked like a dream!

You can get the Action HERE
It's half term here so our Grandkids are picking what days they are coming to stay! why is it kids these days are forever saying they "are Bored" or they "have nothing to do" ?? lol..
they love being here because "Nan" does a lot with them, I have got the makings of some fairy cakes and yeast to make some bread with the girls, and one of my grandsons wants me to set up a blog or web site for him, so that will all keep me occupied some this week!
Roll on next week!! heheheh

oops I best add the link before I forget...:)

You can download the kit Here
don't forget to say Hi..

Bye for now

Hugs - Linda

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Acrylic Freebies

I have been playing with a Wonderful new Acrylic Action freebie from Megadoodle Inspired and have made some little Acrylic shapes to share with you..they are in .png format, so easy for all program users to be able to use.


I have made more but will include them in another project I am working on :)

Have you been to June's blog and downloaded the lovely freebie she is giving away this last week, here is a preview of the elements, it's so different! I love it..
also Kim has some Great freebies over on her blog too, pop over there and take a look, here is one of them KS_JCMF_Elements__preview_thumb[2]

she has done as a request for a lady who's husband is a fire fighter..
That's all from me for now, we are going to the caravan tomorrow early so I will have something for you when I get back, bye for now and have a Great Weekend whatever you are doing..

oops HERE is the link for the Acrylics...:)

Hugs - Linda

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Marie-Therese Gown GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Marie-Therese Gown GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!
Oh Wow! take a look at this Fabulousness!!!! oops no such word I don't think but I have just found the blog and am Stunned! go take a looksee :) you will be too!

Monday, 20 October 2008

What A Difference A Day Makes! + Freebie

as it says in the song, we have been away for the weekend and decided to stay over until today, it's amazing how just one extra day can make so much difference! I have been like a mad woman since we got back playing catch up..it's been a cold, wet and windy weekend, yesterday we went up onto Ilkley Moor Or Ilkla Mooar baht 'at or translated on Ilkley Moor without a hat...lol..they are words of a popular folk song from Yorkshire, England. It is sung in the Yorkshire dialect, and is considered the unofficial anthem of the county...oh and Ee by gum it was cold! I was wishing I did have a Hat with me! here is a little pic I took, I have more but they are still on my camera


I always take my laptop and try to do a couple of Layouts, I got the new kit from Brenda before we left on Friday so was so happy to play around with it, I had taken some Pictures last year on Remembrance Sunday in Eypres, Belgium and was looking for something to use to do some layouts with them and this fitted the bill perfectly..


As you can see it's packed with All sorts of Goodies! you can get it from Brenda's Store Here.....Brenda also has a Freebie Sampler on her Blog so hop over there and Pick it up too..
here are the layout's I have done Using it..
I am so pleased how they turned out, I was so moved during the service and felt so Proud to be there to remember the Brave Men and Women that served....



I have made the top 2 layouts into QP's to share with you so without further ado here are the links for you to download if you would like them..
Please say Hello and a Thank you would be lovely..
Bye for now, Hugs - Linda

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Freebie Alpha

Hi all, I have been testing an Alpha Action for MegaDoodle Inspired, it's the Alpha Cutting action with a 6x5 grid that worked in PS and PSE


This action goes for $5.00 but you can find it at www.commercial-use.com for $4.50 just now..Check it out you will not be dissapointed..

I created this Alpha, the first I have ever made in less that 15 mins! That's Great for me, such a time saver..

I did it in one of the colours of the Sept Collab kit I did with the girls of June's CT so you can have it as another little add-on, if I keep this up this will be the biggest kit in my stash! I just keep adding to it, I had best get onto other things soon, I have another freebie that I will upload to 4shared and that will be my last I Promise!! lol

I have been using June's newest kit Forgotten Dreams

it's a Beautiful Kit! I created these layouts with it..

this is of my Mum and Dad about 30 years or so ago, just look at mum's skirt!! lol..


this one is of my mum's parent's my Nan & Father, Father was a RSM in the Army and the pic was taken as he was going off to war, sadly Nan only lived until 1957 and the 2nd pic is Father on Holiday in Torquay..sadly he died too 5 years ago..it's lovely to be able to keep their memories alive like this..

This last one is our oldest Granddaughter Jasmine, during the run up to the school was doing a Project and they had to dress up in old costume, doesn't she look sweet!!
If you pop over to
June's Blog you are in for a treat, she is giving away one of her older kits Little Blossoms, she is giving it in 3 parts and part 2 is today so go and grab it..and part 1 is still up for grabs too..


Well that's it from me for now, I am going to the caravan maybe tomorrow if our Babysitting duties are over for this week..if not I will be going Friday, if I have time I will add the next freebie before we go.

Bye for now, take care and don't forget to say Hi :)
Hugs - Linda

Here is the Link

Monday, 13 October 2008

Got Me Some Awards again...

me again, wow twice in 2 days!!
I got 2 Awards, one from Christina over at
M&M's Thoughts and Creations, Christina has some lovely Freebies over there and is doing a CT call just now, so pop in and say hello and let her know I sent you :)


The other is from a lady that makes some Great templates to share, Lorri from Lorri's Scraps and More..it's a new one on me and this award is called the "Proximidade Award" or the "Friendship Around The World Award". The award is meant to highlight blogs that are pleasing or special in some way and to extend the hand of friendship around the world


I will pass this onto people that I think haven't yet got it..sorry if you have :S

June ~ Cen's Loft

Jessica ~ Nezzi Designs

Kims Scrapping

Kat ~ Tradedyscrapinanne

Sweet Mel

Leaonna ~ Busyscrappin

Debi ~ Sweet Adeline Designs

Scrapping Mommy

Sunday, 12 October 2008

I'm Here again..

Hi again, I am hopeless at this Blogging thing, real life takes over at times and I can't seem to find the hours to get everything in! I do admire the ones that Blog every or nearly everyday! I wish they would give me some tips..:D

We went to the caravan this weekend, the season is over on the 31st October so we only have the next two weekends there and will have to go and make it secure for the winter, bring the foodstuff home that will won't keep, defrost the freezer and so on...it's as well really as it was so cold up there this morning, frosty and foggy..brrrrr
here is a picture of the view we have from our front on a bad day ~ IMG_1212

and a Good Day


..and here is one my hubby took last year of me sunning myself! he can't take a picture to save his life, he always mucks it up..lol..


I have been testing some Butterfly Actions today for Angie over at ScrappinMommyDesigns they are Great..there are two styles so I made a couple of different colours with each Action and am going to share them with you, hope someone can use them..

Here is the preview..the link will be at the bottom of the post



I am also working on more freebies with some more Actions from Mega Doodle Inspired and will add the links as soon as I can get them uploaded..so keep yer eyes peeled in the next couple of days for them..

Well that's all for now, I was supposed to be watching Peter Kay tonight but have it on tape instead to watch during the week, I love him he is sooo funny :) my daughter said it is hilarious and the best thing that's been on for ages so I am looking forward to it, I love to tape them then I can skip trough the adverts..they drive me bonkers!

Well I am sure you will be mighty fed up if you even read this far so without further ado I will add the link and say Goodnight and God Bless :)

Here is the link

Oh and a little "Hello or Thank you " (or both) would be lovely....xx

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