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Saturday, 24 January 2009

Freebie, Byee and 2 Awards!

Yikes I have so much to tell you I don't know where to start!
let me start off with the Best News of all! the news from the hospital is better than we expected! Thank God! My mum is starting treatment on Monday, she will have Chemo and Radiation Therapy, and hopefully in 8 weeks she will have more CAT Scan and MRI tests and they are hoping the tumour is shrunk enough to Operate on to remove it, she does have a large  tumour but they are  pretty sure it will be OK..so THANK YO UALL who kept us in Their Thoughts and Prayers, we are not out of the woods yet but it's looking a lot better now..
I have recieved 2 awards this week from 2 lovely ladies, this one is from


and this from Michelle

award from peta

I am so honoured and say a BIG THANK you to both of you..:)
I will pass them on but just now I have loads to do as we are going on Holiday early tomorrow morning!
I will be away from the tomorrow the 25th Jan until the 14th Feb..it was all in the balance due to mum's illness but we are going now..mum & dad and the rest of the family didn't want us to Cancel it, my heart isn't in it but I don't want mum to feel she is the cause of us not going, she would be mortified if we did that..
We fly to Las Vegas for 5 days first as our friends are getting married there and then we fly to Florida for the rest of the Holiday, we should be returning on the 14th Feb..I am only just now sorting and packing, I wouldn't even consider it before this..
My next news is that I have been product testing a new Style for Bannerwoman.
It will be in her store very soon (Monday I think) so I have made a Freebie out of the bit's I made with the style, it's Wonderful! the more I play the  more I want to! it put's an outline around your elements & it's great for Alpha's too
Here is the preview of the Style
and here is what I made with it..
hope you like them


well that's it from me for the next 3 weeks, Take care an please do say a little Hello or Thank you if you do download it, as it will make my day!

Download - HERE 
Bye for now

Hugs - Linda

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

CC Freebie and More CT News!

Hi all, this typing is a nightmare!! I have been and treated myself to false nails! I have always been a nail biter and am ashamed of showing my hands off anywhere, so I took the plunge and went today for them done, it's a PITA trying to type and this post is taking me forever! but "Pride must abide" as they say here so I have to grin and get used to them :) thank Heaven for my "Spell checker" is all I can say..lol..
I will show you before and after pics as soon as I upload them.. how do you like my new look? I made this layout just to put me on until I can come u with a better one, looks better than the last one I had on don't you agree? ..:)
I have been busy finishing up a kit I have been working on for this months
CC over at DAC, as usual I have made far too much so if I get enough interest I will add the rest as an add-on..
here is the preview, the link is at the end of this post
but my Big News is that I am joining the CT too at
~ ForeverMoreCreations ~ I am so happy as Mozz is a Great Lady and I am sure I will be so happy working alongside her and the other ladies on the team :)
I am very lucky with my "Boss Ladies", June, Brenda, KimSmith,Megadoodle,Bannerwoman, Anna, Katie and now Mozz and am so pleased to be on ALL of their teams..
So without further ado here is the link,and please say a little thank you if you do download, it will be so appreciated:)

Here is the link, have fun

Bye for now

Hugs - Linda x

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Love Is..

Hi everyone, hope you are all having a nice relaxing weekend? I really should be getting myself organized to go to Las Vegas next Sunday but as yet I just can't get in the mood, it all depends on what happen's this week with mum and her test results..when my hubby even mentions the Holiday I turn away and don't take him on, it's a shame as he loves his Holidays..but...
enough of that I am Staying Positive and have so many Wonderful People keeping us in their Prayers.:)
I have had the pleasure of working with a Beautiful New Kit by Anna of "
Delicious Scraps" called Love Is. it's packed with 19 Gorgeous papers and 60+ Elements it's Fabulous!
here are some Layouts I have created using it..




they will give you a glimpse of just what is inside the kit, you can get it HERE and it's on Sale at present for $3.74!! unbelievable Value..so Hurry Over and treat yourself..you won't regret it :)
That's it from me for now, pop back tomorrow there will be a little something for you ;-)
Bye for now

Hugs - Linda x

Thursday, 15 January 2009

MOTD, RAK's & 2 QP's For you

Whoowhoo! I was made up to get the MOTD ("Masterpieces" of the Day) over at Osten Wilkins Design's Forum yesterday, I got it for my latest layout using the Beautiful kit from  Delicious Scraps  called Anniversarie that I also blogged about yesterday (see post below) I had a big wide grin on my chops, made even wider by the fact that I was RAK'd by a lovely lady,  Maree from  For Ever More Creations, she sent me the lovely kit she has for sale just now over at DAC Called Pitter Patter folder

It's Gorgeous! here are a couple of layouts I have done using the Gift..Family


So many different layouts from the same kit, it's so Versatile!
Right, now I have a little gift for you, I made a couple of QP's using Megadoodle's New Kit ~ Fleeting Hearts..

Click the link to take you to her New Store! Brandy is selling this at present at 25% off so hurry on over and get it, also she is in the process of dropping all of her store prices so that if you buy at the store, you get it cheaper! just the news we all could do with just now to help stretch out our finances some :)
Here's the preview of the 2 pages I created for you and the links are Below..

I hope you enjoy them and Please leave a little love if you do download..

QP Link 1

QP Link 2
Bye for now
Hugs - Linda x


Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Loadz Of News!

Hi everyone, I have so much to tell you this may well be a loooong post...lol..

First of thanks for the lovely words and Prayers that are being said for my mum, we sure appreciate all of them..and are trying to stay positive until next Thursday when we get the results..so fingers crossed for us...
Secondly I was asked by Kate over at Digital Candy to join the CT over there and did my first layouts for Armina using a Beautiful Kit Shine On You ~ Armina


that is packed with 10 Gorgeous Papers, 70 + Beautiful Elements a lot of them Glittery and a Fabulous Alpha!
Just click on the link to see just how much is packed into this Great Kit for just $5.99!!
Here are three Layouts I did using the kit so you can see how versatile it is..
this one I did for the Font Challenge over at Digital Candy
Here is one for the Word Art Challenge
And this is for the Template Challenge..so different aren't they!
My next News is that I joined Delicious Scraps CT too this week, Anna gave me the Gorgeous Anniversarie kit to play with


isn't it Beautiful!! the kit includes 20 Papers, 75+ Elements and a Bonus Free QP all for just £2.39 at present as it has 40% off! so hurry over and get it, you won't be disappointed..and here is a layout I have done so far using it..


I do have a QP Freebie for you that I am just uploading to 4shared so I will be back ASAP with the link to it for you..
I would love to know what you think of my layouts....any constructive criticism will be appreciated.
Thanks for dropping by and don't forget to pop back soon..
Bye for now
Hugs - Linda x

Friday, 2 January 2009

Template Freebie 2

Added - 9th Jan..
So sorry I somehow deleted the last post, I haven't a clue how but as it had the link to the last template on it I am adding the link again, so if anyone still wants it you will find it..Here..

I will just Have to make me another Layout! this looks terrible!
bye for now
Hugs - Linda x


Hi everyone, sorry I haven't been around, I got some bad news on Monday that has rocked my world and this is the first day I have felt able to actually post.. I won't go into detail but I will be glad when the next 2 weeks are over...and would be so Grateful if you would keep my mum and our Family in your Prayers..

I had made another template to share with you for the January template Challenge over at DAC and as the Challenge closes on the 12th I better share it with you before :)


Here..is the link to my template, hope you like it and please say a little TY if you do download :)
I will get around to doing something with my blog ASAP....I can't keep the Christmas theme much longer! :)
Bye for now
Hugs - Linda x

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