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Thursday, 20 November 2008

3rd Background Freebie

Oh my poor aching eyes and head! 
I have been asked to scan and fix some old pictures for my mum and dad, I spent over 6 hrs yesterday on one! that is all creased and marked, so I had to try to clone them out...and have been at it again today for a couple of hours.

Oh how I wish there was an easy way to do it! but it will be worth it though because it's the only picture of my dad when he was a child that we know about, it was found by his nephew when he was sorting his dad's shed out after he died...there is a bag of old pics, mainly of dad's family, so I got roped in to try to rescue them. whatever they were in the shed for we don't know, it could be when they had their house renovated and things got put in and never made it back into the house, we haven't a clue. it's a terrible shame as there is a pic of my Great Grandmother at a family wedding in there too! I was in my element going through them, I just love ol photo's..
well before I get back to them I have some more Backgrounds to add for you..here is the preview, they were more made with Megadoodle Inspired pattern'sljd_Backgrounds3

the link to get them is Here

Please leave a little thank you, on here if you can because 4shared is somewhat awkward now I know...I would love to hear from you if anyone does use any of my stuff :)
Bye for now
hugs - Linda x

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