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Sunday, 17 May 2009

Col.Challenge Freebie

Hi all, just a quick post to let you know I am still here, Very busy as per usual!!
This weekend my hubby is over in Spain so I have used the time to decorate my bedroom, our 2 grandson's came to help me and boy was I glad of them!! *love you lads*. they were wonderful, Josh is 12 and Liam is 16 and he is so strong! he is only 10stone wet through but strong as an ox, our Josh stayed the night here and was a Great help putting everything back with me today..
I just got myself locked out! what happened was my sister called on her way to mum's and I was lending her some books for her to read, I ran out when I saw the car and when I turned back the flippin door had closed on me! there was I stood on the front (We live on a Busy main road) pants and top full of paint my hair snatched back in a pony tail (don't think I even combed it today) luckily she hadn't pulled off so I ran after her and she took me to my daughters to get a key, it was lucky she was in as she had been out to lunch at Dave's brothers..
Once I got back in I decided to get the last few bits of this kit finished and now I am going to have a stiff drink, a long soak and an early night
Before I go here are a couple of layouts I have done using the new Love Earth kit by Delicious Scraps, it's Gorgeous!! and on sale for just $1!! I honestly don't know how Anna can be so generous! she is amazing!



look at this Sheep! it was so funny, we were walking along a country lane near the caravan when I saw this above us on a bit of a hill, so I started to snap away with my camera, I thought it would run away as we got near but the thing never moved only his head and followed me with his eyes all the way past! I wished I had my video camera with me
and here is your freebie if you are still with me, bet you are glad it is a short post ;-)......lol..


Click on preview to Download..
Hope you like it, well now I am going, we have a tough week ahead, mum goes back to the Consultant, we thought it was tomorrow but she says it's Tuesday, so will have to get the letter they sent and check it, she also got the dates for her MRI and other scans for the 26th and 28th, what with blood clinic every week or more it's one long round of Hospital visits..but as long as they can help her we will do whatever is needed...Please keep us especially mum in your thoughts and prayers this week>>
Bye for Now
Luv..Linda x 

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Long time no post!!

Hi all, I know I am a stranger these days, it's hard trying to keep up here with going to mum's more just now....
She is getting more and more down due to the tests that she knows will be coming when she goes back to see her Consultant on Monday..it's a strain on us all...
I have not been back long one of my sisters and I have ben working the last 2 days on making a new Headboard for mum and dad's bed, I could kick myself for not taking pictures along the way, to see a piece of MDF turn into the completed Headboard now is amazing!! the downside is I have lost 5 of my nails in the process!! *sob* doing these jobs sure is hard on a gal :(  when I go tomorrow I will take a picture to show you the result..:)

I have also made a little freebie to share with you made Using the Lovely Iced Wine kit by Delicious Scraps

DI On checking my blog I found I had been given this Award from Jana  over at Scraps and Sparklz,

premio_dardosFromXelaxsLaurie Thanks Jana..:)
I will be back with a list of who I will pass it onto ASAP :-)

Here is the Link to download the QP..don't forget to say a little Thank you if you download it, it will make my day :-)

Well it's time I was gone, got a busy day tomorrow, got to take mum to the Vampires..lol..only kidding!  it's mum's blood day at the Hospital, they can't get her Warfrin levels right so we are back and forward there every week, sometimes twice a week..
You enjoy the rest of your week

Bye for now
Luv.Linda x

Friday, 1 May 2009

New Store + A Freebie

Hi everyone, sorry I have been AWOL this week, it's been a tough time, mum hasn't been doing too well and is getting very anxious now as her time to go back for her next set of scans is coming around, so I have been there more than usual, trying to keep her mind off things...it's hard when we are all worried too..:(
I am shattered so this weekend we are going to the caravan for a break..it's my hubby Tony's 60th Birthday! Happy Birthday my love..:)

We will be back on Sunday for a family get together,  I am looking forward to that..we are making him wait until then for his pressies..lol..
before I head off I have some Great News to share! Rachael is opening her own store today!! called
Inspired ScrapsPhotobucket

also in her store at DAC there is a Sale!
Drop by and treat yourself :)

As it's her opening day she has a little goodie for you, you will get a brand new kit called The Journey, but you will have to earn it..hehehe
To get The Journey for free, collect the pieces of the coupon code.  
4 of us on Rachael’s CT have a little gift of a QP for you today, inside the downloaded folder we all have put a piece of the code you need to get the free kit. 
Once you have collected all 4 pieces of the code hop over to
Inspired Scraps to get The Journey for free.  this offer expires May 15.

so here is my gift to you, click the preview to go to the download


here are the links to the other girl's blog's, so go on over and say hi and don't forget a little Thank You will be so appreciated..

Andrea, JanaNydia, Me 

Have a lovely weekend, whatever you are doing, it's May Day Bank Holiday here in the UK today so no doubt the roads will be busy so Please if you are travelling around take care, we have to tackle the dreaded M6 again..I hate that road!!

Bye for now

Luv - Linda x



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