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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Template Freebie

Hi all, I got back from holiday Friday lunchtime, worn out and frazzled!
I did some unpacking, put a wash on then decided to try to go to bed for an hour or so, some chance! I was unable to sleep so 'phoned my kids to catch up then up they came..lol..
last night I wasn't able to sleep either when I went to bed, I must have been overtires, so up I got again and worked and got stuck into my Blog Train commitments and other things, here is a template I did to share with you. it's my part of the DAC Template Challenge for this month..there are a lot of great templates to download as part of the challenge, it's amazing to see how many different templates can be made out of the pieces we are given to start with..:)
here is the preview and the download link is at the end of this post..ljd_DAC_templatechall_febru

my mum starts her treatment on Monday, she goes in for Radiotherapy, comes home after it, then returns Tuesday to start Chemotherapy, she will be in Hospital a week..then she goes everyday for 6 weeks for more Chemo and then back in for a final week before then going to see the Consultant to see if the Tumour has shrunk enough to operate on to remove it, God Willing it will be and the Op can go ahead! so please keep us in your Thoughts and Prayers..:)
well I best be getting down to my CT Layouts, I have a LOT of work to do to catch up.. ;-(
Anyone got any matchsticks to keep my peepers open?? lol
Bye for now. oh yeah 
Here is the link to download the template :)
Hugs - Linda

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