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Saturday, 23 February 2008

Just Catching Up...

Hi there, well it's been over a week since I was here last, in this time we have been over to France and onto Spain for a wee Drive! well over 2000 mile drive actually, in just 4 days, and 3 nights, we left here at 5am Monday morning to set off for Dover to catch the ferry it's usually about 3 hours so we were in plenty of time we thought for the mid day sailing!! or so we thought :(
but oh no!! it took us over 11 hours to get there due to traffic hold-up's s and road closures.. *arrgggggg* we got over to France as it was still a little daylight left we decided to go on for a couple of hours, we stopped over night and then carried onto Spain, we stayed at Irun overnight again and the next morning turned around and headed back, we drove through Paris it was a Nightmare! traffic was all over the place and we didn't even get to see the Eiffel Tower :( although we did drive along the Seine it was dark and we couldn't stop , I would have loved to get out and walk down the river bank, ahh one day maybe...
We arrived in Armiens after 10.30 pm, we were worn out! so a quick cuppa and bed for us...the next day (Thursday) we started off back to Boulogne for the ferry home again..
This time we were in plenty time and got the mid afternoon sailing, it was a rough trip I was expecting the ferry to be cancelled because of the wind but we were ok, then onto Home, that was another marathon drive! we had to go on the "Road's To Hell" the M25 and it's brother the M6! we finally got in gone 10.30 pm..so it was a quick download of my mails and then bed...phew! I am worn out just writing this..lol..

This is a layout of me and my girls about 28 years ago! wow where does the time go??
I made it using a wonderful Kit, Jungle Call by Melothria @
www.digitalarts-cafe.com Fonts - Brush Script MT - Social Animal

Header Created by Me using my New Xmas Collab KIt, My Blinkie Using Items by Angela Niehaus.