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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

A Little Sunshine Freebie

Before I start today some people are having a problem downloading the 1st OP I did using the Fresh kit, so I uploaded it again, I just tested the link and it worked OK for me, so here is the new link..Fresh QP1..sorry to anyone that has been having problems.
Here is another QP I did using "My Sunshine" kit by Delicious Scraps..here is the preview, I already gave one away and with all that's going on forgot to add this one..here is a layout I did using the page..the link is at the bottom of this post..

Thankfully mum got home late yesterday, she is very tired and has to have Oxygen for 12 hours at least a day but hopefully she will get stronger now she is at home, I think as long as she does as she is told she will be OK..:)ljd_MySunshine_DS_QP

Here  is the link to the page..please don't forget to say a little "Thank You"

Well time for me to go and get on with my email, I have ton's to go through each day so have to keep on top of it..
Bye for now have a good evening and check back soon I have another 2 QP's to share..

Luv..Linda x



Saturday, 28 March 2009

Freebie, BB Pages

Hi Folks. hope all is well with you, I have had a good day today, for once I have been able to get a few hours uninterrupted play time so I put them to good use, well I could have done something more suitable with my time, like cleaning, ironing or even some gardening but I just didn't feel like doing any of that so I made these BB Pages for you..:)
I made them using a lovely kit by Lisa Minor called
Eggzactly Springthe kit was a freebie on Lisa's blog but is now in her store a just $1!


ljd_Eggzactly_LM_BB2I hope you enjoy the pages and can find a use for them. here are the links..
BB Page1

BB Page2

and Please don't forget to leave me a little love if you download them

Have a Great Weekend

Luv..Linda x


Friday, 27 March 2009

Easter QP

Hi all, the weekend is near...Yipee! although it won't make a lot of difference here, we were hoping to go to open up our Caravan for the season but because of mum's illness I want to be at home just now, the season runs's from 1st March until 31st October and as yet we haven't been able to go, I really miss going it's so Peaceful and Relaxing up there..here is me there last year..IMG_2171 copy

ah well maybe next week....
although Mum now has blood clots on her lungs and is having Injections in her tummy to thin her blood down, she will be starting on Warfrin sometime soon too..isn't it awful how one thing turns to another!

I downloaded a lovely Freebie from June this week called "Almost Easter" and had to play with it! 
I created a QP to share with you while I was at it,
the preview is the layout below, hope someone can use it..

Here is the link, please remember to leave a little love if you do like it enough to download..
Bye for now, I best get hubby's tea underway before I turn out for the Hospital about 4-30 for evening visiting...it's such a trail, there is talk of moving Mum to one in Liverpool that will be a bit nearer to get too, but we are hoping she will be well enough to come home soon...
Luv..Linda x

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Fresh QP2

Here is the second QP from the Beautiful kit by Delicious Scraps, called Fresh and would you believe it's on sale just now for $1!! included are 15 papers, over 65 Elements and a Free QP! there is also a Free add-on at Anna's blog image


the preview doesn't do it justice, just click on the linked picture and go and treat yourself to it, for just  a $1!! you will get over 65 Wonderful Elements and 15 stunning Papers..I just don't know how Anna does it!!

here is the first QP,Image is linked to the download ..hope you like it, and remember if you do, a little word of Thanks will go a long way..and be so appreciated by me.. 

enjoy...and remember if you use any of my freebies I would love to see them too, either send me the link or whatever you have made and I will show them on my blog.. Bye for now

Luv..Linda x

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Colour Challenge Freebie

Good morning to you, it's going to be a rush post today, I have to go to town to find some Talking Books to take to the Hospital for mum, she should have been out of there on Friday but hasn't been very well, they thought she'd had a slight stroke on Thursday that's not the case but she, but has lost a day somewhere she says, she is very confused and at the weekend had to have 3 pints of blood, her blood count is very low, so until they can get it stable she has to stay in there..now she has picked up a Chest Infection and was on Oxygen the last 2 days, it's a Very worrying time so please keep us in your Thoughts and Prayers..
I have a little gift today of a kit I made for the Colour Challenge over at DAC...

here is the preview ljd_DAC_CCMarch09_preview-j

You will find it HERE and HERE I broke it into two parts because of the size :)

Hope you can use it,and Please leave a little love if you do download, I would really appreciate it, I am beginning to wonder if it's worth me spending all this time working on things if I don't know what people feel about them, do you like them? do you want to see something different, am I wasting my time?..:(

it would be nice to know..so please leave a comment either here or at 4shared..
Bye for now, have a Great Day

Luv..Linda x


Sunday, 22 March 2009

Happy Mothers Day! & A Gift 4U

Hi all, I would like to wish you ALL a Very Happy Mothers Day today..

Here is one of my Beautiful Gifts off our oldest daughter Samantha, along with chocks, a book (Twilight!) and another one yet to come :)
Julie (Our youngest) will be here soon as they are coming for their dinner with us..

DSC00042 (2) copy

DSC00047 (2)

I have a little Freebie to celebrate with you too..
it's a kit I did for this month's
SAS Colour Challenge ..there is more in the kit than is on the preview, you know me I never know when to stop!!


Hope someone can use it, I made a lot of it using Fabulous new Styles by Bannerwoman

What's New

Here is the Link, enjoy and Please leave me a little love if you like it enough to download :)

Enjoy the rest of your Day

Luv..Linda x

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Good Weekend?

Hi all are you having a good weekend?
do you want some Inspiration? go to
Al's blog and download the Ezine, it's packed with goodies! all 170+ pages, there are Freebies, tutorials, oh all sorts if good stuff, I have 2 QP's to share in there too along with some layouts :) so go and do yourself a favour and get it, you won't be sorry :)

also pop over to Rachaels Store at DAC and pick up a Bargain, she is selling all her store at between 40 and 60% off so hurry and bag yourself a bargain :)

Pop in tomorrow when I will have a Freebie kit for you :)
Bye for now

Luv..Linda x

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Happy St.Pat's & A Freebie

Happy St.Patrick's Day.


Credit's -Kit Used - Lucky Mini by Heidi Kulp aka Heidik
Font Used - Old Typewriter

I've been saving these for today..
have been testing some Velour styles for
Bannerwoman and made these a  couple of weeks ago to share with you for St.Patrick's day


Just look at all the New Styles in her store this week!


I swear that woman has more energy and talent than I could ever dream of!

You can find the styles at Digitals, Commercial-Use.com or DigiScrap Warehouse.

and drop by her blog she has a Great Glue Style freebie for you..

Please leave me a little love when you download, it will really brighten my day, my mum is back in Hospital today :(
Please remember her in your prayers..
Bye for now and enjoy your week..

Luv - Linda x

you will the link to my freebie  Here

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Springy QP Freebie

Hi again, I hope you are all having a Good weekend, I am tired today, we got in pretty early though last night from Babysitting, about 12-30, but I had to stay up and read, I got lost in my book and before I knew it was 2 o'clock!!
the kids were Great, of course they tried it on being "Nan" that was there, they know they can wrap me around their little fingers, tried to tell me that mum lets them stay up until late..lol..but I know better but  I needn't have bothered, they each were getting drowsy just after 9 and one by one said they were going to bed..after a quick kiss and cuddle they were tucked in and in less than 5 min's were sound asleep..bless em!
I was awakened by Jasmine (10) this morning with a text at 07-35! saying "Thanks for looking after us Nan, we love you..xxx" awww was worth being disturbed for..lol.
Well onto business...
I have another QP Freebie today it's from a beautiful new Kit I got to use as part of RachelH's CT called Spring Song, it's in the Boutique now over at DAC click the link >> Rachael Hudnalls Springs Song Page Kit...to take a look at what is in the kit, it's on sale now for just  $5.99 $3.89 so you can save 35%!!


Here is the preview of my QP..


and here are a couple of Layouts I did myself using the kit..


Here is the link to the first QP..I will add more soon
Have a lovely day whatever you are doing
Bye for now 
Luv. - Linda x

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Fresh QP Freebie

Hi again, hope all is well in your world..
mine is one round of Hospital visit's and babysitting duties these day's..mum finished her daily Radiation therapy treatments and goes back into Hospital on Monday for a final week of Chemo and Radiation..it's been so tiring, especially for mum the going back and forth for the treatment everyday but it is behind her now and she will be able to relax a little when she goes in to stay on Monday, some people do choose to stay in Hospital until their treatment is over but mum won't, she is as terrified of Hospitals, as I am!
The staff over at Clatterbridge Hospital are Wonderful, we can't praise them enough, nothing is too much trouble for them, they are True Angels..
and speaking of Angels here is a layout I have done of one of ours..well she is when she is asleep.lol..


I have had the pleasure of working with a Beautiful new kit by Delicious Scraps, called Fresh and would you believe it's on sale just now for $1!! included are 15 papers, over 65 Elements and a Free QP! there is also a Free add-on at Anna's blogljd_Fresh so I made some QP's to share with you too...I will give you one today and if you would like another leave me a message and I will either send you the link or may add it to here..;-)

Here is the link to the first one..hope you like it..the previews are the layouts above..
That's it from me for now, I had a late night last night we went to a 60th Birthday bash, it was Great! all the old rockers and loud, loud music!! yeah did me the power of good :)
I have to get myself sorted for tonight, we are going to go babysitting our youngest daughter's 3 kids..so gotta get my strength back...:-D

Bye for now..have a Great weekend, whatever you are doing
Luv - Linda x

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Template Freebie

Just a quick post from me, I don't get a lot of time between running back and forward to mums and Babysitting these days but I have had a free weekend up to now, well in an hour or less I have our youngest daughter Julie and her family coming for Sunday dinner, so between cooking and making trifle I am going to share a Template that I made for the DAC Template Challenge this month..


Here is the link..I will be back with more freebies during the week too..
Have a lovely weekend whatever you are doing
Luv..Linda x

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

CT News and a Freebie

Hi I have been Invited to another CT, a lady I did some work for last year Lisa Minor kindly asked me if I would join her this month...so here I am, I have been working with her Great New kit called Bloop Bleep that is in her store now at Scrapdebris! the Elements on Sale for a $1,  for 45 Elements!


and the 12 Papers are on Sale for a $1 such Great Value!


it's a kit that can be used for so ,many types of layout, here are just 2 that I did with it :)

they are pics of our recent trip to Las Vegas


Here is the other QP for you as promised yesterday, it's another one that I made using the "My Sunshine" kit by Delicious Scraps..here is the preview

and HERE is the link for you, please say a little Thank You if you download, you don't need to be logged into 4Shared to do so...better still it here on my blog :)
Bye for now, I will be adding some more freebies during the week that I have made using some new Styles and Action by Bannerwoman..so call back soon

Luv..Linda x

Monday, 2 March 2009

New CT !! & A Freebie

Hi all, before I get down to my post I wanted to let you know that I am joining Rachael as part of her CT, I am so looking forward to it and am eager to get started, Rachael has some Great Page Kits & Collections, many are on Sale too at present.
I just adore
these cute little CU Birds!

that Rachael has in her store just now over at Digitalarts-cafe and if you go to Rachaels Blog Here you will find she has a PU freebie she made with them..
and now Rachael has Challenged me, she also has the same Challenge running on her blog just now and this is for YOU too!! the Challenge is simple, go to the 6th folder, and the 6th picture create a Layout using one of her kits and send it to her then we on the CT will pick our Favourite one, the winner will get a Collection of their choice!! so hurry on over and read all about it the day on March 15th is the deadline so you have ample time to get one done :)
Well I did mine here it is.... n655630251_4697778_9492 copy these two handsome chaps are my Son-In-Law Mike and his Friend Derek, it was Presentation Night for the kid's Rugby Team, they Team won the Cup and all the lad's got Awards, Mike is the Coach for the team and his friend helps out... they were as pleased as punch!
Here is the layout I have made with it..

I made this using Rachael's Beautiful Blend's kit..
Now I also have a Freebie for you that I made using another lovely kit called My Sunshine by
Anna of Delicious Scraps..here is the Preview..come back soon as I have another one, I am just uploading too..

Please take the time to leave a little love if you download, it makes so much difference :)
That's all for now except to leave you the LINK to my freebie,
Luv..Linda x

Header Created by Me using my New Xmas Collab KIt, My Blinkie Using Items by Angela Niehaus.