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Sunday, 12 October 2008

I'm Here again..

Hi again, I am hopeless at this Blogging thing, real life takes over at times and I can't seem to find the hours to get everything in! I do admire the ones that Blog every or nearly everyday! I wish they would give me some tips..:D

We went to the caravan this weekend, the season is over on the 31st October so we only have the next two weekends there and will have to go and make it secure for the winter, bring the foodstuff home that will won't keep, defrost the freezer and so on...it's as well really as it was so cold up there this morning, frosty and foggy..brrrrr
here is a picture of the view we have from our front on a bad day ~ IMG_1212

and a Good Day


..and here is one my hubby took last year of me sunning myself! he can't take a picture to save his life, he always mucks it up..lol..


I have been testing some Butterfly Actions today for Angie over at ScrappinMommyDesigns they are Great..there are two styles so I made a couple of different colours with each Action and am going to share them with you, hope someone can use them..

Here is the preview..the link will be at the bottom of the post



I am also working on more freebies with some more Actions from Mega Doodle Inspired and will add the links as soon as I can get them uploaded..so keep yer eyes peeled in the next couple of days for them..

Well that's all for now, I was supposed to be watching Peter Kay tonight but have it on tape instead to watch during the week, I love him he is sooo funny :) my daughter said it is hilarious and the best thing that's been on for ages so I am looking forward to it, I love to tape them then I can skip trough the adverts..they drive me bonkers!

Well I am sure you will be mighty fed up if you even read this far so without further ado I will add the link and say Goodnight and God Bless :)

Here is the link

Oh and a little "Hello or Thank you " (or both) would be lovely....xx


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda i ve pass you an award.Lovely butterflies.

Ve a wonderful day hugs Lorri:)

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for the LOVELY butterflies!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The butterflies are beautiful - thanks for the different colored ones!

Cindyrelly said...

Hello Woman! So this is a Caravan... looks like fun... kind of like camping :) The weather definitely doesn't look too inviting in the last pic so I guess it is time to close-up shop for Winter. You should come to Florida. This is the place to be in the Winter. We definitely earned it after the loooooong hotttttt and sogggggggyy summer! Thanks for the Butterflies ;) Cindy

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just wanted to say how beautiful your butterflies are and to thank you for sharing them.

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